Uje Oil Bar

                Our favourite spot in hometown...

I've already written about this famous place but now I am going to take you through it with my friend Mario...

My friend and I share the same passion for food and Dalmatian tradition so this is the place that unites everything we like. If you're like us you're going to fell in love with this restaurant.

We all know that in summer we prefer light dishes, so we decided to try tipical Dalmatian cousine. It included plenty of fish,local vegetables 
( kapari, motar, olives ), cheese and homemade olive oil. Now Mario and I going to present you in what we enjoy :

Antonia ate fresh sea salad made of octopus and anchovies with arugula, cherry tomatoes, capers, motar and of course seasoned with olive oil. She added little bit of side cheese (trust me, it taste better).

Mario ordered medium roasted bacon tuna with side of string beans. It was served on plate and decorated with arugula. It really looked great and tasted much better .

If you're tired after a long and exhausting tour walk around Split or want to find a place for dinner with homely atmosphere, this is a must-try place in Split! To add, is on a good location so you can feel a relaxed lifestyle of our hometown.

To sum up, this time it has surpassed all our expectations. This is a top place in Split that you MUST visit! 

Antonia- 5/5
Mario- 5/5

Text and photos: Antonia Mandić and Mario Mehuljić 
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