Christmas Countdown With Me!

Christmas mood is already on and if you're not in it, it's time for you to turn it on! Help me countdown the Christmas with my favorite Christmas carols of all time!



How To Dress Like a Streetstyle Girl

 Hi y'all! Due the stressfull days haven't been writting for Always Late. Sorry about that! Check the very new blogpost below.


Leather x Denim

A good leather jacket is something that I hunt and hunt for.. Plus check out 5 of my favorite leather and denim jackets.


My Top 10 Teen Movies

If you are having troubles with finding a good teenage movie to watch in evening, click on this post and see my list . Maybe it'll help you with selection.


Top 10 Scary Movies for Halloween night


Hide your carving knifes cause the scariest night of the year is here! Check out below some great scary movies, series for tonight's scary movie marathon night.

Halloween movies marathon list:


On tenth place I put my favorite Halloween TV specials:

It (TV mini series)

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Night of the Weremole

Desperate Housewives: Witch's Lament

Ed, Edd n Eddy: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw

Red Dragon


My personal favorite movie from Hannibal trilogy. Highly recommend you this one!

8The Exorcist

The Shining

6Friday the 13th


4Edward Scissorhands

All Tim Burton movies are great choice for Halloween movie marathon.


A Nightmare on a Elm Street

True horror classic that never gets old.

2The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are a child that never grows up, this one is perfect for you and your whole family. It is always on my Halloween night schedule, a must watch!



Number one, because years later, I still can't get that creepy musical theme out of my head. Perfect for tonight's scary movie marathon.


What to do on Fall Weekend

IT'S FAAAAAALLLLLL FINAAAAAALLY! Hello October, hello sweater weather, hello hot chocolate, hello scary movies, hello corn mazes, hello Halloween, hello pumpkin everything and so much more..


Wear it, Black

Wearing black from head to bottom. Seems simple? Not really, check why below...


Vision of Fall Menswear

Hey guys, it's Mario and I am going to take through my first Fall #ootd. Hope you'll find some inspiration!


Luka's Adventure

Where to eat the best ice-cream in town? Click and find out with me and my friend Mario, the one that you met in previous posts.


Beauty Trends I Wanna Try This Fall

Fall is almost here and that means we need to change our beauty routine and get the latest products.


VMAs 2015: The Best and Worst Dressed

The MTV Video Music Awards, held on Sunday in Los Angeles,were an opportunity for singers and other stuff to receive award for their hard work since last year. Also, they had a chance to show us new trends for coming season and it seemed that glitter was theme of the night.


Copy Cats Everywhere

My friends tell me I always have to say something about everything around me. It wouldn't be like that if there are no things that can be discussed. That 'things' can be so big to bring to the situation in which you just have to, there's no chance but to share your view with others. Of course, ( in all that rage and despair ) expressing some frustration won't bother anybody, right?


Uje Oil Bar

                Our favourite spot in hometown...

I've already written about this famous place but now I am going to take you through it with my friend Mario...


5 Most Charming Places To Eat In Split

Split has really grown up in past few years. Many tourists from all over the world come in Split to enjoy in summer and visit breathless Dioclecian palace. Thanks to that now there are many new outstanding restaurants and bistros. I'm going to introduce you 5 most charming places to eat in Split. If you visit them, you won't regret.