5 Most Charming Places To Eat In Split

Split has really grown up in past few years. Many tourists from all over the world come in Split to enjoy in summer and visit breathless Dioclecian palace. Thanks to that now there are many new outstanding restaurants and bistros. I'm going to introduce you 5 most charming places to eat in Split. If you visit them, you won't regret.

1.UJE oil bar

Uje Oil Bar is one of the most popular places in Split. It is located in Dominisova street and is a part of the Diocletian palace. With its stunning decoration that includes wooden tables and branches of olive oils it's deffinetely a place that can't be unnoticed. They use and sell about 50 varieties of olive oil and gives us an opportunity to try local recipes and feel a touch of the Mediterranean.

2. Mazzgoon

Mazzgoon is an extraordinary place that has been recently opened and in short time has become one of the most popular places in Split. Their menu is mixture of modern and traditional mediterranean food.Last month they presented new menu that includes tasty tuna confit with arugula and dressing.

 3. Perivoj

Beautiful new opened restaurant and cafe is located in Slaviceva 44 street. It has luxurious decorated interior and enviroment with wonderful view. Although, you can enjoy in gorgeous savoury dishes the most popular are their cakes. You can choose from traditional rozata to vegan chocolate cakes and cookies. Their desserts are additives free.

4.Luka ice cream

Their homemade ice- cream is something that you must try and groceries are fresh and seasonal .Everyday they produce different flavours that are equally good. You can try some unusual combinations like cucumber and peach or lavender and honey that ( trust me ) will win your heart. 


Paradox is a wine and cheese bar where guests can enjoy in the finest home and foreign cheese and wine. It was named after famous fenomen known as'' french paradox''. With cheese they usually serve jam and nuts which is a great combination.Prices are affordable and the atmosphere is pleasant.

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