Why was it worth to visit Ultra Europe Festival?

    Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat.

Ultra Europe is held in Split since 2013.As a fan of the old music, I didn't feel desire to go to the festival until this year . I heard a lot of great things that I felt urge to go there and experience it. Bought 3 day ticket, was there and haven't regretted it. 
When you enter the stadium, you forget all problems, stress... You just see smilling faces that are forcing you to relax and enjoy the party until dawn.And you repeat it next 3 days. A week after, I'm still stunned. 

Ultra Europe is more than party and music. It's a place where you can meet a lot of interesting people. People come from distant countries, even from the other continents. You can dance with guys from Australia or chat with lovely American girls. There're also funny Russians with whom you can have a drink. They are all here with the same target : to enjoy in fantastic atmosphere and music that unite people together. 

This is one of the biggest electronic music festivals and it's a great opportunity to hear live one of the best DJ's. So if you like parties and electronic music, you have to be the part of this. It doesn't matter where you come from, what's your faith or race. Ultra Europe is a place for everybody!  

And don't forget : see you next year at the same place! ;)

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