Luka's Adventure

Where to eat the best ice-cream in town? Click and find out with me and my friend Mario, the one that you met in previous posts.

Luka Ice cream & cakes has the best ones! Plus it's homemade without aditives, and very intresting flavours. All desserts are prepared in the traditional way using fresh products from local market. It is the best spot to beat the heat in these summer days. Well, rather during the whole year .

If you're in Split you should definitely visit this place and try something new. Everyday they change flavours, which is amazing, everytime you come here its different. The main reason is because they use seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Chocolate flavour
It all started in March 2014. after Luka Klimczak decided to open his own pastry shop. That idea came on his mind after he couldn't find an ice-cream flavour that would satisfy him. He started experimenting with local ingredients and that is how rosemary & yogurt and lavender & honey flavours were born!

We tried almost every possible flavour but after all, everyone has their favourite one. Here are us favourites:


My favorite flavour is ice cream made of rose petals. It has very interesting, unusual taste. When I tried it for the first time, it was a love at first sight! Maybe they put some love spell into that ice cream! I am not sure when you come there that you'll find it because, like iI said before, they change flavours everyday.


Well, my favourite one is definetely lavender & honey. It was the first flavour that I tried, but stayed the best. Why? Because you cannot find it anywhere but here. I love the relaxing scent of lavender and eating an ice-cream made of it was a dream that came true. It has soft and unusual taste and honey gives it a bit of sweetness. One of the best feelings!

If you suddenly wished an ice-cream after reading this post, we advise you to visit ''Luka''. But hurry up or you will be waiting in large order. 

Can you find us?

Text: Antonia Mandić and Mario Mehuljić
Photos: Official Facebook page '' Luka ice-cream&cakes'', Mario Mehuljić

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  1. Thank you very much for your lovely post! <3 <3 <3 <3
    We love what we do!!
    Sweet Regards,
    Luka & Team

    1. Thank YOU for your delicious ice-creams and cakes! We're glad that you like it! :D Everything we have written is completely true!