In California dreamin'

This is not just a travel post, it’s more than that.

Through this journey I learned a lot: how to live like an American, dress like an American and love America, but most important is how to be a better person and this was my most inspirational travel. Twelve hour driving to dream location-worth it. All my years I dreamed about trip to America, and now it happened. This May I went on life journey. On 25th of April I landed to SFO and touched the American bottom for the first time ever. That was one of the best feelings in the world. 

Above breathtaking view-Greenland

I stayed in the coziest, and one of the most beautiful hotels in life. The atmosphere was so domestic and the loveliest. The hotel is located on the Pacific coast with the beautiful surroundings of palm trees. It was my second home in my second country, I felt like home. In California, I spent a month, I think it was the most beautiful month of my life. Every day was pretty sunny, warm day. It felt like paradise, no worries, just sun, palm trees and breathtaking views.


San Francisco. Oh, San Fran I left my heart there. It was a love at first sight (but, anyway, you cannot fall in love with any American city? I don't think so.) When I was crossing the Bay Bridge for the first time and in the distance loomed San Francisco-that is a moment that I will always cherish in my heart (and in the photos). And the entrance to the big city as San Fran made me so excited. Looked up, and everywhere big buildings and that is the art of big cities. I drove around town looking all around, people, buildings, works of art, but nothing made me more excited than the Golden Gate, which was in the distance in full shine. Goldie has the key to my heart-that was my first thought when I saw it. Driving through the Golden Gate my heart was happier and happier, I just felt it. Then driving through the legendary bridge, it was an indescribable feeling. Look up! Look straight! Look left! Look right!

First stop: photo spot no1, where I took some photos, and just sit there and watch like 10 minutes in it. Next stop was Hawk Hill, Marin County, where I also took some photos, enjoy the view of the city, the bridge and endless ocean. And the last photo spot was my favorite-Baker Beach. It is the most beautiful beach that I have ever visited and definitely has the best view! I spent there one hour of walking, enjoying the ocean breeze and view. Crossing this off my bucket list.That was probably the best day ever. I was filled with happiness, love and full of experiences. Goldie, I wish that I could put you in my pocket and share you with the world wherever I go.
Photo spot no1

Hawk Hill, Marin County
Baker Beach
I also visit some cool places in California, but San Francisco stole my heart. Also, one of the greatest moments was driving with cable car through uphill and downhill streets of San Fran. You remember cable cars? From the “Full House” you gotta know them! We drove from Powell st. to Fisherman’s Wharf. I felt like I was in the Full House cast. Made me so nostalgic.  
Cable car
AND the crookedest street in the world-Lombart street. Driving with a car through it, so special! Street is filled with the loveliest flowers and trees. And the houses by side! Wish that I live in one of it. While driving the Lombart you can see the Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower.

View of the Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower

Shopping at the Union Square Macy’s and other great shops to end your SF day is the best cure, when it hurt farewell to San Francisco.

It was hard to say goodbye to San Francisco, California, America and friends I’ve met during my visit here. I promised to San Francisco that I’ll return one day and the promise is a promise. California I’m dreaming about you every night when I fell asleep. See you again someday!

Photos and text: Mario Mehuljic
for more find me on Instagram: Mario Mehuljić

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