Our Favorite Christmas Movies

It's the holidays, everyone! So we made a list of our favorite Christmas movies!

Favorite time of the year, time of Christmas carols, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, candy canes, Christmas movies, twinkling lights, Christmas trees... So we made our Christmas list - but not the wishlist, but the list of our favorite Christmas movies!

Last but not least (only we couldn't decide)

"DrSeussHow The Grinch Stole Christmas!"

 Second from the last...

Mickey's Christmas Carol

 A heart melting Christmas animated movie for all ages. This one is a must watch on a Christmas day to remind us how lucky we are.

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

Three precious gifts... Another inspiring Mickey story how should we spend our Christmas.So in the end, love is the reason that Christmas is more than a gift-giving season.

It's A Wonderful Life

A true Christmas classic, what to add?

Christmas Vacation

Our favorite Christmas comedy EVER! Must watch!

Home Alone

KEVIN!!!!!!! (what to add?!)

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Totally agreed with Kevin! All time favorite Christmas movie! A non-holiday vacation turns into the best Christmas vacation ever plus in New York! If we say this one is a must watch-all people watched this already... These movies are always on repeat every Christmas on our list!

So that was our little list with movies that always warm our hearts. Merry Christmas!

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