Post Easter Detox: How To Do It?

Easter is over, so leave that chocolate bunnies in supermarket!

Easter is behind us and now is time to get rid of all the junks you've eaten during it. The best way is to detox your body from toxins. Unregulated life can throw you out of balance and lead to serious conditions.

I'm not chocolate junky person, so I didn't eat many chocolate bunnies oreggs during the weeking. In fact, I only ate 4 pieces of wafers and a row of 85% dark chocolate. My problems were cheese and Dalmatian pinca. I ate an unhealthy amount of cow cheese that is unbelieveable.
But after only 2 days I felt unhappy with my diet and lifestyle and now I'm ready to get back to my routine.

This is my what I do to cleanse my body:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

If you want to do your detoxification right, start with it! 
I usually drink a lot of water but these days I'm making sure I drink more to stay hydrated and to flush out all the toxins from my body. It's the best option for everyone because it has 0 calories and is full of minerals!!! 

2. Do Exercises

The best way of detoxification is doing some exercise. It can be running, swimming, stretching, cardio... whatever you want as long as you burn calories and sweat. By execising you are unleashing toxins, reduces tension and enhances digestion. When I detox my body I prefer running, expecially in these spring days. Running helps me to get my mind off everyday problems and after it I feel reborn.

3. Go To Bed Earlier 

Get a good quality of sleep is important for brain function, enegy and metabolism.
I alawys feel the difference when I go to bed later than usual. Except that is harder to get out of bed, I also don't feel motivated to workout and I'm more attracted to unhealthy sugary food. So I'm making sure to go to bed at the same time every night. It also helps me to fall asleep easier next night. 

4. Drink Ginger Tea With Lemon

Ginger is considered as one of the most effective natural home remedies for... almost everything! That's the reason why is called superfood. 
In my everyday routine, ginger plays a major role. Ginger tea is great addition to your diet as it accelerates liver detox and save you from a lot of illnesses.

5. Eat Balanced Diet

Stick to Mediterranean diet!
Many researches has shown that Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest. It's full of nutrients and healthy fats and is scientifically proved that it decreases the risk of obesity and heart illnesses.
We all know that we should avoid sugar and eat more veggies and fruit but I also try to pay attention on food backgrounds and instead of buying '' healthy '' cookies like Elvita and Grancereale, I make my own. Furthermore, I eat a vegetable soup as many as possible which is good for immune system.

6. Do Yoga

Stress is the biggest killer!
Yoga helps me to stay calm and focused on important things in life. It also helps me with problems with back and tension between muscles. It can make you more able to solve problmes and be more productive at school or work.

As soon as you choose do to something good for youself , you'll see changes and never want to come back.

Written by:

Antonia Mandić

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