California On My Mind

Sunsets, nostalgia, memories and California...

My summer always begins with the most beautiful sunsets, so I guess this one already started. Last year, when I was in California started in a similar, but a much better way with palm trees and sunset like this one. Can't believe that already a year passed...

These days, I feel a bit nostalgic about that part of my life. It taught me some great things about life and inspired me to dream big. Thank you God for putting me on that road and leading me to beautiful things. I believe that hard roads often lead us to beautiful destinations. I miss that part of my life so much, can't wait to come back to you Cali.

Anyway, the sunset is just incredible , I have a fascination with the stars & anything remotely celestial. I love to spend time by the ocean while watching the sunsets, especially in summer. I paired a light blue tee with a simple check shirt and blue jeans.

Thank you Dory for the photos!

Sunglasses: Ray Ban
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Levi's
Jeans: Zara

 It is hard to describe my love for America, California and Bay Area with words...

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