Never to Late to Make a Comeback!

I know this may be boring to some people, but I feel an obligation to say something before my real first blog post.
After being unactive for a very long time, I felt that it's time to continue where I stopped. .
Before I start it all over again, I have to explain you why I haven't been active here since April.

First of all, I intended to take a break in May because I had an important exam and had to focus on it to prepare well. That should've lasted for a month and I would re-activate my blog in mid-June. At that time I started working as a shop assistant and didn't had much time to think about my blog. At first, I felt great on job finally did something I'm going to be paid for. I only worked in the morning and had a time to do yoga and go out with my friends, but also sleep well. 

But as always, why should it be that easy and satisfying?

It all changed at the beginning of July when my boss decided to put me to work in the morning but also in the evening! I had to wake up at seven, work from nine a.m. to two p.m and in the evening from seven p.m. to eleven p.m. and simetimes midnight.
Then I started to lose control over my life. I really didn't have a time to sleep and rest and I could only go out with friends after my job ( during the night ) and I'm really not that type of person ( I love to spend the night dreaming on my pillow ). 
I didn't even thought about posting a picture on Instagram till August and to write a post was out of my mind,

Then I thought : '' Ok, when the school starts, then you' ll find time to apologize everyone and continue your blog.'' But  I was wrong. With school, new problems came. It is the last year of high school and there's a lot of pressure. I became anxious and depressive, don't sleep well, have a bad eating habit, etc. Pressure is higher with every new day, but I decided now is time to change and overcome all these little monsters that don't want me to be myself.

Recently, I became aware that it is the right time to share my story with you and continue writing this blog. Why should I stop it just because some obstacles took my life in different direction. 
This time I promise I will be more active and share with you my every thought, opinion, problem and of course, a lot of street style pictures and stories about my icons that not only influenced my life, but helped me throught hard times.

You can expect more entertainment, inspiration and education from me and my friends.
I can't wait to share it everything with you but now in much better way.

P.S. Now I started writing songs and poems and you'll have a chance to read some of them here.

xoxo, Antonia Mandic

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